Michele's Adoption Page

Michele’s Adoption Page

Michele’s Adoption Page

Are Seeking to Adopt? Are you Pregnant?

Seeking to Put a Baby Up For Adoption?

Michele is Seeking to Adopt & Will Help.

Are you unexpectedly pregnant and seeking to place your baby up for adoption?  During my research, I’ve found that if you’re considering adoption during your pregnancy and searching for an amazing and qualified adoptive parent with a large family (ie., me!), that the selection of a family is incredibly important to you.  I understand that many women considering adoption do so not because they are unwilling to parent but because they are unable to parent because they do not have the stability – including, but not limited to, the financial security, to raise a child in an financial secure and nourishing environment.  I am financially secure and ready to help right away.  While I am unable to compensate or pay you for your time, I may be able to, under certain circumstances, assist you with your living expenses while you’re pregnant and for a short time after you give birth.  I am prepared to provide you with the whatever you need as long as legally permissible.  In addition to financial assistance, I am also available to you during your pregnancy both in person and by telephone no matter where you live in the United States.  This is the least I can do.  So, let’s connect and learn more about each other and talk about how we can help each other during this unexpected and difficult time.  

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About Michele

I am a childless successful single woman with an abundance of family support.  Your baby will have lots of cousins, friends close in age, grandparents, aunts, and uncles.  I am truly blessed to have an amazing family and support.  I can’t wait for vacations to Disney, trips to zoo, and the many adventures that await seeing the world through a child’s eyes all over again.  I will always be thankful to you for making that happen.


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Get same day connected with family and family's attorney

Provide health history

Discuss Assistance Needed, Including Financial

Wait for Birth, Get to Know Family, Get Counseling

Place Baby for Adoption with Family

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are sample adoption questions and answers.  This FAQ section is not legal advice and subject to terms and conditions of this website.

Here’s one way:

(1) Call Adam at 800-790-5260 and Complete Health Background Forms;

(2) Meet the Family; and

(3) Transfer Custody and Execute Termination Paperwork.

Yes. Adoption is available for any age from newborn to older to much older.

Generally speaking, yes. It is common for the family adopting the child to cover the expenses involved.

Call Adam at 1-800-790-5260, complete health background forms, and talk with a family to decide if they’re the right fit for you and your baby.

No. Birth parents do not get paid, ever. Depending on the circumstances, it may be possible for the biological mother to receive financial assistance towards her living expenses. These funds are not payments. They are funds to provide assistance for food, clothing, shelter, medications, etc. and reported and closely monitored by the Court.

The answer to this question is dependent on the facts of each particular case. There are lots of questions to ask, some are: Are you married? Has the father supported you or the baby? Was the conception the result of a rape? It is important to discuss this with an attorney as quickly as possible.